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 Hi. I am Gina Hogan Edwards, here with a special message for the women out there who’re holding the dream to write and feel they have a powerful story that could make a difference. I’m here to validate that belief and that dream for you.

Each of us has something inside that could make a difference to someone, something that could bring about a positive change—big or small, it doesn’t matter. Every positive change, no matter the magnitude, contributes to the collective change.

What you have to say, what you want to write, MATTERS . . .
whether it impacts a big audience or a single person. 

If the story or stories you hold inside carry a message that could make us
more aware, more knowledgeable, more compassionate, more understanding,
better in some way, then it needs to be written.


I Want In!

Have you ever been in the space between having something in your head and heart that wants to be put on the page--something that won't leave you alone--and yet having this Resistance (with a capital R!) to sitting down to write?

 That's an incredibly uncomfortable in-between place to be.

The feeling we have when we’re in that in-between space, I call “inner disquiet.” It’s an uneasiness that happens when we have a desire, a longing, a calling to share a message that we won’t quite allow to come through.


“Inner disquiet” is the side effect of letting Resistance win.

Resistance has its easiest way with us when we're starting. The challenge is that every single time we sit down to write, we're effectively beginning again. Each new writing session is a new start and another opportunity for resistance to win.

Perhaps you've experienced this insidious force.

Maybe you've overcome Resistance and started. Then stopped. Then started again.

The bad news is that Resistance never goes away. The good news is, it can be--if not controlled--at least managed or guided so we can get our writing done. So we can begin.

I feel strongly that Resistance is repelled by an uplifting, supportive community. That's one reason I began Women Writing for CHANGE. 

The idea for the group came before we knew what COVID-19 was. Then, as horrible as the 2020 pandemic lockdown was for all of us, Women Writing for CHANGE became an unexpected saving grace for many, including me. 

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Women Writing for CHANGE is for you if . . . 

  • You identify as a woman and you write. Or you want to write but, for whatever reason, haven't started yet.
  • You write or want to write . . . anything! Fiction, memoir, self-help, how-to, creative nonfiction, blogging, journaling, etc. All genres welcome. 
  • You recognize the power of writing to help us become our best selves.
  • You believe that when we use our voices with good intention, the world becomes a better place. 
  • You are eager and willing to learn and improve your writing.
  • You want support managing the existential aspects of being a writer--overcoming resistance, fears, and self-doubt, celebrating success, managing expectations and goals, and setting boundaries with others.
  • You long for a writing practice that works for you on your own terms. 

Some Things We Share in Our Group

  • Free weekly co-writing sessions on Zoom (see our current schedule)
  • Info about writing workshops and conferences
  • Submission opportunities, awards, and contests
  • Writing/publishing industry news
  • Tips on writing and life
  • Blogs, books, and other things we've written
  • Individual successes and milestones
  • Book recommendations
  • Support, motivation, and inspiration
  • AND best of all: we meet and make new writing friends

Still Unsure? It costs nothing to check it out!

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What Our Members Have to Say:

These connections of writing and accountability are pushing me back to living.

I was in a dark space. Now I see the light .

Thank you so much for all you do to make this real!

-- WWFC Member Lorna Prescott

Since I began participating, my writing has focused in ways I hadn't anticipated. You provide a space that honors the unique journey of each woman's writing. It not only honors the writing, but more importantly it honors and nurtures each women's process. It is in that honor that I found nuance in my voice and ideas.

I have also become clearer about my intended audience. The online co-writing space has provided a structure, but it is your sincere and empathetic presence that has attracted and encouraged women as we strive for writing that connects to our shared humanity.

Thank you for being the curator of such a caring space that is bringing out the best in so many of us.

-- WWFC Member Anita Merando

Our Belief Statements / What We Stand For

Who is Gina Hogan Edwards?

Gina, that's me . . . I’m your guide, teacher, and admin in the Women Writing for CHANGE Facebook community. I’m a writing retreat organizer and facilitator, a WomanSpeak Circle Leader, and a Certified Creativity Coach. I am also a writer. (My current work-in-progress is titled Dancing at The Orange Peel, a dark family novel set in the South in 1968.)

My writer’s journey—perhaps not unlike yours—has been a bumpy one. I spent decades studying and attempting to be a writer with the rest of my life whirling around me. My writing practice was on-again/off-again/on-again. And it was never enough.

Finally, one sleepless and angst-filled night led me to the inescapable decision to step away from the “security” of the corporate world so I could uplift other women—women like me longing to make writing a meaningful part in their lives and women who understand that when we use our voices, on the page or from a a stage, we make the world a better place.

Two simple philosophies show up in everything I do with writers:

  • First, you never have to travel your writer’s journey alone. Writing is inherently solitary, but that doesn’t mean you always have to be alone, without encouragement, motivation, or feedback. If you’re having trouble finding your “tribe” and knowing who you can turn to and trust, then you’re in the right place.
  • The second principle is your writing life, on your terms. That is, I hold space for all authors to live a writing life on terms they define for themselves rather than one based on the pressures and expectations of community, family, and/or industry. Wherever you are in your writer’s journey, I will meet you there.

I walk the writer’s path with you, continuing to cultivate my own writing skills so I can apply them to my work-in-progress. My purpose in my own writing as well as in my business, my life’s work, is to give a voice to the voiceless and to empower women to share their untold stories.

For more of my story, visit the About page.

To learn more about my passion for writing, check out the video below, a talk I gave in June 2022 for an online women's group I'm in called The On Purpose Woman.

Have questions? Email me.

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Inspiration. Knowledge. Community. Encouragement.

These are what we give each other in Women Writing for CHANGE.

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