Claim the Power of Your Voice

On the Page, From the Stage, At Work, In Your Everyday Life

How different would your life be if full, true self-expression was possible for you in any situation?

Imagine . . . never again worrying whether you’ve chosen the exact “perfect” words to speak or write. Imagine you’re no longer paralyzed by the discomfort of being judged, and you’ve let go of the fear that someone will call you out as a fraud or claim you don’t know your “stuff” (when you absolutely do). The vulnerability of sharing your thoughts, ideas, and stories no longer makes you feel intolerably exposed.

What would it mean for you to live that life—standing in your truth and your power at all times?

Perfectionism. Impostor Syndrome. The fear of “being seen.”

These are just some of the challenges I’ve seen hold women back from shining their brightest.

Although you might feel alone with these challenges, they are indeed part of the common human experience. And they are particularly prevalent in women writers and women in workplaces dominated by men. If any of these are stopping you from sharing your opinions, ideas, and creativity with the world, please join us in WomanSpeak. The methods you’ll learn are highly unique, super fun, and DEEPLY effective.

WomanSpeak will support you in finding clarity and claiming your true voice.

We recognize the brilliance, the inherent perfection, and 
the wholeness that live at the center of every woman. 

WomanSpeak empowers conscious, purpose-driven, heart-centered women to express their full potential, to live in radiant alignment with their unique path, and to rise to their next level of thriving. If you want to feel confident to freely speak up and be your most authentic, clear, and persuasive self in any situation that comes your way, WomanSpeak is for you.

We work together to improve and enhance our speaking and delivery techniques, but WomanSpeak is FAR MORE than “speaker training.” Unlike traditional public speaking courses, WomanSpeak is a transformational program designed specifically for women, where every woman’s brilliance is recognized, clarified, drawn out, and celebrated. In our encouraging gatherings, which we call “Circles,” a woman cannot help but blossom, which makes the community and the classes safe. And so much fun!

Our caring sisterhood is grounded in supporting one another in being fully authentic and rooted in our power and truth. The nurturing space we create together allows every woman the freedom to be 100% herself, to speak honestly, directly from her heart.

WomanSpeak is for you if . . . 

  • You’ve ever wondered, “Why would anyone ever care to hear or read what I have to say?”
  • The need to make your words “perfect” keeps you from sharing your message, your stories, or your creative ideas.
  • You’re afraid criticism or ridicule might be hurled at you if you share your stories, opinions, or ideas.
  • You get a lump in your throat whenever you try to speak up in a group, especially when men are present.
  • You long to express yourself creatively without restraint from the external (and the internal) voices that tell you, “Who do you think you are to do this?”
  • You’ve ever had to act like someone else in order to be heard and taken seriously.
  • You’ve ever been afraid someone would call you out as a fraud—even though you know, deep down, what you’re talking (and writing) about.
  • You’re ready to get past the overwhelm and resistance to step into your power and share your ideas with courage, clarity, and confidence.

WomanSpeak is NOT for you if . . . 

  • Hiding your true potential and being buried in feelings of “not enough” feels safer than excelling and thriving in all that you do.
  • You prefer to identify what’s wrong or needs to be fixed in a woman rather than noticing, recognizing, and celebrating the inherent wholeness of her soul and spirit.
  • You’d rather be in competition with other women than be open to the abundant and exciting opportunities to help one another rise.
  • Wearing a mask of perfectionism and being in “performance mode” around others feels better and easier than relaxing into your essence and being wholly yourself.
  • Being in overwhelm is a habit you refuse to shed.

Each of us is a wellspring of unlimited potential, and every single woman in WomanSpeak is seen and heard, and celebrated, in all her magnificence. 

What makes WomanSpeak unique?

For far too long, our culture has embraced a masculine model of success, leadership, and professionalism. This has a detrimental effect on the self-esteem of women and girls who desire to speak up and lead.

It sparks feelings of self-doubt, a lack of valuing the wisdom within, and a resistance to speaking up. It erodes a woman’s sense of inner freedom to lead and share her mind publicly.

Womanspeak provides an alternative for women to harness the power of their feminine energy, rather than hide or deny it, as they speak up to lead and effect change.


  • WomanSpeak supports the power and growth of women’s voices by addressing our unique fears and doubts around speaking up and out.
  • Our curriculum supports women in clarifying and owning the value of their ideas and delivering them in a way that impacts and influences those who receive them.
  • The WomanSpeak practices re-wire a woman’s nervous system so that speaking up becomes an experience of safety, power, joy, and freedom.
  • WomanSpeak goes beyond the tactics and addresses the mindset, helping build confidence.
  • We do this on a solid, unified foundation of sisterhood and celebration.

What results can you expect?

  • You’ll transform any fears or self-doubts about speaking your truth into ease and confidence.
  • You’ll own the value of what you have to say.
  • You’ll clarify what you stand for and say it from your heart in a way that captivates your listeners (and readers).
  • You’ll learn to articulate with authentic clarity while honoring any introverted or extroverted tendencies.
  • Your ability to express your ideas and share your creativity will be enhanced in a way that feels natural, powerful, and true to you.
  • You’ll be embraced by a supportive community of amazing women.
  • You’ll feel safe to speak up and share your ideas and perspectives with clarity, courage, and confidence.

Two Ways to Join:

Monthly Membership or Speaker Certification Program

Circles are happening world-wide, in person and virtual. Although I'm not currently enrolling new members, please reach out to me via email to be added to the waiting list, or I can direct you to another Circle. Thank you for the opportunity to  support you in starting this journey! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Meet Your Circle Leader: Gina Hogan Edwards 


"I uplift women and their voices so they can share their ideas, their perspectives, and their creativity with courage, clarity, and confidence--whether in their personal lives, their workplace, from a stage, or on the page."

Gina is a writing retreat leader, an editor, and a certified creativity coach. While writing her historical novel, she also supports other women writers in her private Facebook group Women Writing for CHANGE. Gina’s passion is to empower women to claim their voices and share their stories so they can leave legacies of positive change in this world. She’s also out to mend the enculturation of girls and women to behave and be quiet.

Our culture trains us to get used to being unheard and to expect to be ridiculed or judged when we do speak up. That makes us afraid of saying the “wrong” thing, believing no one will care what we have to say anyway, and fearing someone will find out we don’t know what we’re talking about… even though we do. Over time, these fears hold us back; we dim our light to appease others until we lose our authentic voice.

In Gina’s WomanSpeak Circle, we set aside self-doubts and fears of getting it wrong so you can speak up and speak out with confidence. You will step into your brilliance and be a stand for yourself in a way you may have never experienced before, whether you want to speak out in your personal life, in your workplace, from a stage, or on the page. By participating in Gina’s WomanSpeak Circle, you will come home to your true voice.

Please reach out by email or phone (850-766-6029) to learn more about Gina’s in-person circle or her virtual circle open to women everywhere.

There's more about Gina HERE

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