Women's Writing Retreats 

Focus on YOU

How would it feel to be released from mundane responsibilities, daily routines and obligations,
so you could focus on you and the stories inside that are longing to be explored and told?


  • solitude and privacy to partner with your muse
  • community to meet other women writers traveling a similar path
  • activities and excursions to spark your creativity
  • fun writing prompts, exercises, and games to help you go deeper to improve your written and spoken word 

Though each event has a different theme and venue, these are the foundations of our retreats.

Spring Story Camp

May 7-12, 2024
St. George Island, Florida

Fall Story Camp

Oct. 22-27, 2024
St. George Island, Florida
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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

~ Maya Angelou

Experience the perfect balance of inspiration and activities to stir your creative juices and a restful, restorative atmosphere to unwind and destress.

  • You’ll enjoy inspiring literary explorations and experiential writing.
  • Quiet time will allow you to reconnect with your inner voice and explore the desires of your soul.
  • Revel in the sheer joy of putting words on the page and being heard and seen in a way you've never experienced before.

Every retreat is hosted and facilitated by Gina Hogan Edwards, a writer, creativity coach, and gentle, seasoned Circle Leader who understands the unique needs of women at all levels of experience. Supportive and trusted guidance is always provided.

Our retreats offer an escape from the voices of others in order to hear your own—and to hear the stories within, both personal and fictional, which are only yours to tell.

Opening our hearts to the stories asking to be told requires a safe atmosphere, free from judgment and expectations. You are assured of this within our groups.

At the retreat, you’ll join an uplifting community of like-minded women, learning and growing together.

Most women come to the retreat not knowing other attendees but leave with strong and lasting connections to one another.

Please tell me more!

Fall 2024
Kathy Wilson Florence

"I was so impressed with the talents of every single person around the writer’s table and most especially the energy that our retreat brought to us as individuals and as a group. I’m so excited that we’re all starting the year with renewed energy to make our goals a reality . . . getting together and feeding off of one another’s ideas, talents, and energies has made a significant and exciting difference for me. I’m rolling along, slowly but surely, working hard to maintain my goal of spending time with my story every single day. I do feel very confident that I can make this happen.”

Both beginning and experienced writers can find the right fit at one of our retreats.
Spring Story Camp
Fall Story Camp

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